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Updated 21 Sep 2021

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Biographical Dictionaries, Compilations


   with their ancestors and immediate family
   By Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D., LL.D. (New York, 1915) - HT

* ALLINGHAM: William Allingham - A Diary
   poet, diarist, editor; b. Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, 1824
   Ed. by H. Allingham; D. Radford (London, 1907) - OL - William Allingham in: Find A GraveIrish Graves - Wikipedia

 * ANDREWS: Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder
   With an Introduction by Sir Horace Plunkett
   By Shan F. Bullock (Dublin, London, 1912) - OL - Thomas Andrews in: Wikipedia

* ARTHUR: Chester Alan Arthur - Twenty-First President

   Father from Co. Antrim was an 'English-Irish' emigrant; section from Lives of the Presidents of the United States
   By William O.Stoddard (New York, 1889) - OL - Chester Alan Arthur in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* ASHE: Memoirs and Confessions of Captain Ashe - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III

     Thomas Ashe, author; b. 'Glassniven, a village near Dublin', 1770
     By Himself (London, 1815) - IA - Thomas Ashe (writer) in: Wikipedia

   RSAI Journal
   By Philip H. Bagenal, B.A. (Dublin, 1914) - OL - Nicholas Bagenal in: Wikipedia

   - Balfe
     His Life and Work; composer, Michael William Balfe, b. Dublin, 1808 noted for the opera 'The Bohemian Girl'
     By Wm. Alexander Barrett (London, 1890) - OL
   - A Memoir of Michael William Balfe
     By Charles Lamb Kenney (London, 1875) - OL - Michael Balfe in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia

* BANIM: The Life of John Banim
   The Irish Novelist
   By Patrick Joseph Murray (London, 1857) - OL - John Banim in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia - Wikisource

   - Recollections of Jonah Barrington
     includes a chapter on "Pedigree Hunting"
     By Jonah Barrington (Dublin, London,1918) - OL
     American edition of Recollections of Jonah Barrington
     By Jonah Barrington (New York, 1853) - OL - Jonah Barrington in: Wikipedia

* BARRINGTON: Sir Matthew Barrington 1788 - 1861
   The Real Founder of Barrington's Hospital (Limerick); includes his obituary reprinted from 'The Warder', Apr 1861
   Extract from The Old Limerick Journal - Barrington's Edition (Limerick, ) - LCC

* BARRY: Commodore Barry, Father of the American Navy
   John Barry, b. Tacumshane, Co. Wexford, Ireland; Address at the Commemoration of the One Hundreth Anniversary of his Death under the auspices of the Knights of Columbus
   By Michael J. Ryan, Esq. (Philadelphia, 1903) - OL - Commodore John Barry in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia
* BARRY: The Works of James Barry, Esq., Historical Painter - Vol I
     to which is prefaced Some account of the Life and Writings of the Author; b. Cork, 1741 son of John Barry and Julian Roerden; bur. St. Paul's, London
     Pub. for T. Cadell and W. Davies (London, 1809) - OL - James Barry (painter) in: Find A GraveIrish Graves - Wikipedia

* BEALE: Octavius Charles Beale 1850 - 1930

   piano manufacturer of Melbourne and Sydney, b. Mountmellick, Queen's County son of Joseph Beale, Quaker; d. Stroud, NSW
   By Neville Hicks; E.J. Lea-Scarlett (Australia, 1979) - Australian Dictionary of Biography website - Octavius Charles Beale in: Wikipedia

* BERANGER: Memoir of Gabriel Beranger
   and his labours in the cause of Irish Art and Antiquities
   By Sir William Wilde, M.D. (Dublin, 1880) - IA - Grave of William Wilde (1815 - 1876) in: Mount Jerome Cemetery

   By his daughter Mrs. Morgan John O'Connell (London, 1878) - IA - Charles Bianconi in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* BIRCH: Thomas Ledlie Birch, United Irishman
   Some family history in the footnotes
   By Aiken McClelland (Reprint from Belfast Natural History and Philosophical Society, 1963) - Discover Saintfield website

* BLENNERHASSETT: The Life of Harman Blennerhassett

   an authentic narrative of the Burr Expedition; b. Hampshire, England, 1767 son of an Irish gentleman while family was on a temporary visit; called to Irish Bar
   By William H. Safford (Cincinnati, 1853) - OL - Harman Blennerhassett in: Wikipedia

* BLOOD: Remarks on the Life and Death of the Fam'd Mr. (Thomas) Blood

   Of his plot in Ireland, to surprize Dublin Castle...Seizing on the Crown and scepter in the Tower, etc.
   Published for Richard Janeway London, 1680 (Reprinted London, 1817) - OL - Thomas Blood in: Wikipedia

* BONNELL: The Exemplary Life and Character of James Bonnell, Esq.
   Late Accomptant (Accountant) General of Ireland
   By William Hamilton, A.M., Archdeacon of Armagh (London, 1707) - OL

* BOOLE: Our Friend Ethel Lilian Boole / Voynich

   Born in Cork, 1864, one of 5 daughters of the famous mathematician George Boole and feminist Mary Everest; Lilly Boole mar. the revolutionary Wilfrid Voynich who is noted for the curiosity the 'Voynich Manuscript'; she was a musician and author of  the novel 'The Gadfly' (1897); She died in New York 1960 aged 96
By Evgeniya Taratuta; translated from Russion by Seamus O'Coigligh with additional notes (original Moscow, 1957; translation Cork, 2008) - Cork City Libraries website - Elthel Lilian Voynich in: Wikipedia - The Gadfly in: Open LibraryWikipediaHer father George Boole in: Irish GravesWikipediaHer mother Mary Everest Boole in: WikipediaHer husband Wilfrid Michael Voynich in: Wikipedia - The Voynich Manuscript in: Open Library -  Wikipedia

* BOUCICAULT: Dion Boucicault

   author, actor; native of Dublin, b. 1822 son of Samuel Boucicault, well known merchant; extract from 'Cartoon Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Men of the Day'
   By Frederick Waddy (London, 1873) - OL - Dion Boucicault in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves


   - A Life of the Earl of Mayo - Vol I - Vol II
     fourth Viceroy of India; Richard Southwell Bourke, 6th Earl, b. Dublin, 1822
     By W. W. Hunter, B.A., LL.D. (London, 1876) - OL
   - Rulers of India - The Earl of Mayo
     By Sir. William Wilson Hunter, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., M.A., LL.D. (Oxford, 1892) - OL - Earl of Mayo in: Wikipedia


   - Edward Bowen - A Memoir
     Schoolmaster at Harrow; b. Glenmore Co. Wicklow, 1836, his father the Rev. Christopher Bowen was the eldest representative of an Irish family holding property in county Mayo
     By Rev. the Hon. W. E. Bowen, M.A. (London, 1902) - OL - Edward Bowen in: Wikipedia
   - Lord Bowen - A Biographical Sketch with a selection from his Verses
     Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, brother of Edward Bowen (see above)
     By Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham, K.C.I.E. (London, 1897) - OL - Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen, judge, in: Wikipedia

* BOWEN: Thirty Years of Colonial Government - Vol I - Vol II

     Sir George Ferguson Bowen, G.C.M.G.; Governor successively of Queensland, New Zealand, Victoria, Mauritius and Hong Kong; b. Ireland, 1821, son of Rev. Edward Bowen of Taughboyne, Co. Donelgal and was brother of the Dean of Raphoe.
     By Stanley Lane-Poole (London, 1889) - OL - George Bowen in: Wikipedia


   - Robert Boyle - a Biography
     17th century natural philosopher, chemist, physicist, and inventor, also noted for his writings in theology; b. Lismore Castle, Co. Waterford
     By Flora Masson (London, 1914) - OL
   - Robert Boyle - Inventor and Philanthropist
     A Biographical Sketch
     By Lawrence Saunders (London, 1885) - OL - Robert Boyle in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* BUCHANAN: Life of James Buchanan - Vol I - Vol II
   15th President of the United States. "My father, James Buchanan, was a native of county Donegal, in the kingdom of Ireland..."
   By George Ticknor Curtis (New York, 1883) - OL - James Buchanan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

   - Burke
     The life of Edmund Burke
     By John Morley (New York, 1897) - OL
   - A Life of Edmund Burke
     By Sir James Prior, F.S.A. (London, 1891) - OL
   - The Leadbeater Papers - Vol II Letters from Edmund Burke heretofore unpublished
     By Mary Leadbeater (London, 1862) - OL - Edmund Burke in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia - Wikisource

   with an Appendix and A Collection of Letters
   By _____ (new edition, Oxford, MDCCCLI)

* CALDWELL: Autobiography of Charles Caldwell, M.D.
   parents from north of Ireland who settled in Delaware, later in North Carolina
   By Harriot W. Warner (Philadelphia, 1855) - IA

   - John C. Calhoun - Opportunist
     A Reappraisal; Vice President of the United States; son of Pat Calhoun of Donegal
     By Gerald M. Capers (Gainesville, Florida, 1960) - Questia - John C. Calhoun in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia
   - The Life of John Caldwell Calhoun
     By John S. Jenkins (Auburn, 1857) - OL
   - Patrick Calhoun
     Grandson of the above; President of United Railroads of San Francisco (the Streetcar system) extract from 'San Francisco its Builders past and present - Vol I'
     Published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (San Francisco, 1913) - OL - Patrick Calhoun in: Wikipedia

* CALVERT: Sir George Calvert
   created Baron of Baltimore in the County of Longford, Ireland and Projector of the Province of Maryland
   By Edward D. Neill (Baltimore, Maryland, 1869) - OL - George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore in: Wikipedia

* CALVERT (nee PERY): An Irish Beauty of the Regency
   The Hon. Mrs. Frances Calvert, born Sackville Street, Dublin 1767
    By Warrenne Blake (London, New York, 1911) - IA


   - George Canning
     Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; 'in the year 1618 King James I granted to George, youngest son of Richard Canning of Foxcote, the manor of Garvagh, in Ireland. Here for six generations the Cannings continued...
     By W. Alison Phillips (New York, 1903) - IA
   - Review of 'The Life of the Right Honourable George Canning' by Robert Bell
     extract from 'The Patrician'
     By John Burke, Esq. (London, 1846) - OL - George Canning (1770 - 1827) Prime Minister, in: Find A Grave - WikipediaHis son Charles Canning, 1st Earl Canning, 1st Viceroy of India (1812 - 1862) in: Find A GraveWikipediaHis First Cousins: George Canning, 1st Baron Garvagh (1778 - 1840) in: WikipediaHenry Canning (1774 - 1841) in: WikipediaStratford Canning, 1st Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe (1786 - 1880) in: Find A GraveWikipedia

* CAREW: The Life and Times of Sir Peter Carew, Kt.
   (1514? - 1575) from the Original Manuscript
   By John MacLean, Esq., F.S.A. (London, 1857) - OL - Peter Carew in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* CARLETON: The Life of William Carleton - Vol I - Vol II

   Novelist; I was born 1794 in the townland of Prillisk in the Parish of Clogher, Co. Tyrone
   By William Carleton, David J. O'Donoghue (London, 1896) - OL - William Carlton in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Mount Jerome CemeteryWikipedia

* CARROLL: Life of Charles Carroll of Carrollton
   The only Catholic signatory of the American Declaration of Independence... the first Charles Carroll came from Kings County, Ireland in 1688
    By Lewis A. Leonard (New York, 1918) - OL - Charles Carroll in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* CARSON: Kit Carson Days
   1809-1868 Frontiersman of Scotch-Irish descent; original name Christopher Houston Carson
   By Edwin L. Sabin (Chicago, 1914) - IA - Kit Carson in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

   of Scotch-Irish descent; b. Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone 1776
   By George C. Moore (New York, 1853) - IA

   of Scotch-Irish descent
   By James Darrach, M.D. (Philadelphia, 1879) - IA

* CASTLEREAGH: see Stewart

* CLERKE: Agnes Mary Clerke and Ellen Mary Clerke

   An appreciation; Foreword by Aubrey St. John Clerke; Astronomers, writers of Skibbereen, Co. Cork daughters of judge's registrar John William Clerke and Margaret Deasy; Agnes (1842 - 1907); Ellen (1840 - 1906)
   by Lady Huggins Hon. Mem. R.A.S. (Printed for Private Circulation, London? 1907) - OL - Agnes Mary Clerke in: Wikipedia - Clerke (crater) on the Moon, named for Agnes Mary Clerke in: Wikipedia - Ellen Mary Clerke in: Wikipedia - Margaret Lindsay Huggins (Lady Huggins, nee Murray), b. Dublin 1848, in: Wikipedia

* CLEVELAND: Grover Cleveland
   22nd and 24th President of the United States; his ancestry includes two ladies of Irish descent: Abigail Waters who married Captain Aaron Cleveland and  Ann Neale who married Richard Falley Cleveland
   By William O. Stoddard (New York, 1888) - OL - Grover Cleveland in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - Life of Dewitt Clinton
     Governor of New York; his ancestor, Charles Clinton sailed from Dublin 1729
     By James Renwick, LL.D. (New York, 1840) - OL
   - The Birth Place of De Witt Clinton
     extract from 'Olde Ulster: an Historical and Genealogical Magazine'
     By De Witt Roosa (Kingston, New York, 1910) - IA - DeWitt Clinton in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* COLDEN: Cadwallader Colden - a Representative Eighteenth Century Official

   b. Ireland, 1688; physician, farmer, surveyor, botanist, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of New York
   By Alice Mapelsden Keys, Ph.D. (New York, 1906) - OL - Cadwallader Colden in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia - Colden Cemetery for family members and slaves in: Find A Grave - See also Irish-American Family Histories A - C

* COLLES: Selections from the Works of Abraham Colles

   surgeon; with A Memoir
   By Robert McDonnell, M.D., F.R.S. (London, 1881) - IA - Abraham Colles in: Irish GravesMount Jerome Cemetery - Wikipedia

* CONNOLLY: James Connolly

   Irish Republican Leader and International Socialist
   By Patrick L. Quinlan (Buffalo, New York, 1922) - IA - James Connolly in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves -  Wikipedia

* COOTE: The Life and Administration of Richard [Coote], Earl of Bellomont

   Governor of the Provinces of New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire from 1697 to 1701; b. 1636, son of Richard, Baron Coote of Colooney, County Sligo and Mary, 2nd dau. of Sir George St. George, Baronet of Carrickdrumruske, County Leitrim
   By Frederic de Peyster, LL.D., F.R.H.S. (New York, 1879) - OL - Earl of Bellomont (or Bellamont) in: Wikipedia - Brother (?) of Mary St. George, Sir Oliver St. George, 1st Baronet in: Wikipedia


   - A Life of Lord Lyndhurst
    John Singleton Copley, 3 times Lord Chancellor; b. Boston, Massachusetts, 1772, the son of American painter John Singleton Copley (see following) and Susanna Farnham Clarke and grandson of Richard Copley of Limerick and Mary Singleton of Co. Clare; 'To those who remember his lordship's celebrated reference to Irishmen as aliens, it will be a matter of some interest to learn that Lord Lyndhurst's family came itself from the Emerald Isle' - John Burke, Esq. in 'The Patrician'. Having no son the title became extinct.
     By Sir Theodore Martin, K.C.B. (London, 1883) - OL - John Copley, 1st Baron Lyndhurst in: Find A Grave - HansardNational Register of ArchivesThe PatricianWikipedia; His daughter, Lady Sophia Clarence Beckett in: Find A Grave
  - Copley
     John Singleton Copley, b. Boston, 1737; Masters in Art - American School
     Published by Bates and Guild (Boston, 1904) - OL
   - The Life and Works of John Singleton Copley
     By Frank W. Bayley (Boston, 1915) - IA - John Singleton Copley (painter) in: Find A Grave -  Wikipedia

* COSTIGAN: John Costigan

   (in French) Canadian judge and politician; son of Irish immigrants John Costigan and Bridget Dunn; from the series Les Hommes du Jour 
   By W. O. Farmer (Montreal, 1893) - OL - John Costigan in: Wikipedia

* CROCKETT: Narrative of the Life of David Crockett
   ...My father's name was John Crockett and he... was either born in Ireland or on a passage from that country to America...
   Written by Himself (Philadelphia, Baltimore, 1834) - OL - David 'Davy' Crockett in: Find a Grave - Wikipedia

   An Historical and Critical Account of the Life of Oliver Cromwell
   Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland after the Manner of Mr. Bayle; Drawn from Original Writers and State Papers
   By William Harris (London, (1762) - OL
   The Life of Oliver Cromwell
   Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland
   By John Banks, Esq. (London, 1779) - OL - Oliver Cromwell in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* CROSBY: Call Me Lucky

   Crooner; son of Harry Lincoln Crosby and Catherine Helen Harrigan who was 2nd generation Irish-American
   By (Harry Lillis) Bing Crosby (Reader's Digest condensed book, New York, 1954) - Borrow from OL - Bing Crosby in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* CUDMORE: Autobiography; Pedigree of the Cudmore Family

   I was b. Moorestown, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick 1831
   By P. Cudmore (1896, photo-offset Chicago, 1970) - FHB


   - The Life of the Right Honorable John Philpot Curran
     By Mr. Davis (Dublin, 1846) - OL
   - The Life of the Right Honorable John Philpot Curran
     Late Master of the Rolls in Ireland
     By his son William Henry Curran (Chicago, St. Louis, 1882) - OL
   - Memoirs of the Legal, Literary and Political Life of the late Rt. Hon. John Philpot Curran
     Once Master of the Rolls in Ireland
     By William O'Regan (London, 1817) - IA
   - Recollections of Curran and some of his Contemporaries
     By Charles Phillips, Esq. (London, 1822) - OL
   - John Philpot Curran in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

* CURTIN: Andrew Gregg Curtin - his Life and Services
   Governor of Pennsylvania; son of Roland Curtin whose ancestors resided at Dysert in County Clare
   By William H. Egle, M.D. (Philadelphia, 1895) - OL - Andrew Gregg Curtin in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


* DARLEY: Sir Frederick Matthew Darley
   Chief Justice and Lieutenant-Governor Australia; b. Ireland, 1830, son of Henry Darley of Wingfield, Bray, Co. Wicklow and Maria Louisa West
   By J. M. Bennett (Australia, 1972) - Australian Dictionary of Biography website - Frederick Matthew Darley in: Wikipedia


   - Short Life of Thomas Davis
     1840 - 1846
   - Thomas Davis
     The Memorials of an Irish Patriot
     By Sir Charles Gavan Duffy, K.C.M.G. (London, Dublin, 1895; London, 1899) - OL - Thomas Davis (Young Irelander 1814 - 1845) in: Irish Graves - Mount Jerome CemeteryWikipedia

     Revolutionary, Agitator and Labour Leader
     By F. Sheehy-Skiffington (London, Leipsic, 1908) - IA
     With a History of the rise and development of the Irish National Land League
     By D. B. Cashman (Boston, 1881) - OL - Michael Davitt in: Irish GravesWikipedia

Mary Delany Memorial
St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London
(Photograph by PJC)

* DELANY: Mrs. Delany (Mary Granville)
   1700 - 1788; English 'bluestocking' who mar. Dr. Patrick Delany, Dean of Down, 1743
   By George Paston (Mrs. Symonds) (London, 1900) - OL - Mary Delaney in: Wikipedia

* DERMODY: The life of Thomas Dermody - Vol I - Vol II
    Interspersed with pieces of Orignial Poetry
   By James Grant Raymond (London, 1806) - IA - Thomas Dermody in: Irish GravesWikipedia

   b. New York, 1882 to Irish immigrant Catherine Coll. No evidence for paternal ancestry has ever been found.
   By David T. Dwane (Dublin, 1922) - IA - Eamon de Valera in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipediaHis wife Sinead De Valera and son Ruaidhri de Valera in: Irish Graves

* De VERE:
   - Aubrey De Vere - A Memoir
     Poet. Based on his unpublished diaries and corresponcence
     By Wilfrid Ward (London, 1904) - OL
   - Recollections of Aubrey de Vere
     By Edward Arnold (New York, London, 1897) - OL - Aubrey Thomas de Vere in: Irish GravesWikipedia


   - An address delivered before the Dongan Club of Albany, N.Y.
     regarding Thomas Dongan 2nd Earl of Limerick, Governor of the Province of New York
     By Franklin M. Danaher (Albany, 1889) - OL - Thomas Dongan in: Wikipedia
   - John Dongan of Dublin - An Elizabethan Gentleman and His Family
     mar. Margaret Forster, dau. of Walter Forster, Mayor of Dublin; Dongan was grandfather of the 1st and 2nd Earls of Limerick
     By Thomas P. Dungan (Baltimore, Maryland, 1996) - FHB

* DONNELLY: Life and Battles of Sir Dan Donnelly

   (boxing) Champion of Ireland
   By Ed. James (New York, 1879) - OL - Dan Donnelly in: Wikipedia

* DONNELLY: Charles Francis Donnelly - A Memoir

   grandfather was Dominick Donnelly of Clogher, Co. Tyrone
   By Katherine E. Conway, Mabel Ward Cameron (For Private Distribution, New York, 1909) - OL

* DONNELLY: Donnelliana

   incl a biography of Hon. Ignatius Donnelly, b. Philadelphia, 1831, whose father Dr. Phillip Carroll Donnelly and mother Catherine Frances Gavin were natives of Fintona, Co. Tyrone
   By Everett W. Fish, M.D. (Chicago, 1892) - OL - Ignatius L. Donnelly in: Find A Grave - Minnesota Historical Society - Wikipedia
   - Thomas Drummond - Under-Secretary in Ireland
     1835 - 1840 Life and Letters
     By R. Barry O'Brien (London, 1889) - OL
   - Memoir of Thomas Drummond, R.E., F.R.A.S.
     By John F. M'Lennan, M.A. (Edinburgh, 1867) - OL - Thomas Drummond (1797 - 1840)  in: Irish Graves - Mount Jerome CemeteryWikipedia

* DRUMMOND: William Henry Drummond
   Canadian poet, b. Mohill, Co. Leitrim, 1854 son of George Drummond, R.I.C.; Makers of Canadian Litterature
   By J. F. MacDonald (Toronto, 1923) - OL - William Henry Drummond in: Wikipedia

* DUFFY: My Life in Two Hemispheres - Vol I - Vol II
   Irish nationalist; Premier of Victoria, Australia
   By Sir Charles Gavan Duffy (Vol I - Colonial edition, Vol II - New York, 1898) - IA - Sir Charles Gavan Duffy in: Australian Dictionary of Biography - Irish GravesWikipedia

* DUNNE: Dunne - Judge, Mayor, Governor

   Mayor of Chicago, Governor of Illinois
   By William L. Sullivan (Chicago, 1916) - OL - Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne in: Find A Grave Wikipedia

* DWYER-GRAY: Edmund John Chisholm Dwyer-Gray
   Australian journalist and politician; b. Dublin, 1870, son of Edmund Dwyer Gray, M.P. and Caroline Agnes Chisholm
   By R. P. Davis (Australia, 1981) - Australian Dictionary of Biography website - Edmund Dwyer-Gray, Premier of Tasmania in: WikipediaHis father, Edmund Dwyer Gray, Irish M.P. in: Irish GravesWikipedia

   Begun by Himself and Concluded by his Daughter Maria Edgeworth (London, 1844) - IA
   Listing of his 21 children in a handwritten record p. 3 - TCD - Richard Lovell Edgeworth in: Wikipedia

     in the series Famous Women
     By Helen Zimmern (Boston, 1883) - IA
     Edited by Augustus J. C. Hare (Boston, New York, 1895) - IA
     in the series English Men of Letters
     By the Hon. Emily Lawless  (New York, 1905) - IA - Maria Edgeworth in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipediaHer father Richard Lovell Edgeworth in: Irish Graves

      Sketch of the Life of Robert Emmet
      By Varina Anne Davis (New York, 1888) - OL
   - Life of Robert Emmett
     The celebrated Irish Patriot and Martyr
     By John W. Burke (Charleston, South Carolina; Philadelphia,1853) - OL
   - The Life and Times of Robert Emmet
     also a Memoir of Thomas Addis Emmet
     By R. R. Madden, M.D., M.R.I.A. (New York, 1857) - OL
     Leader of the Irish Insurrection of 1803 and, the Celebrated Speech...
     By Unknown Author (Stereotyped from the last Dublin Edition, New York, 1850) - OL
   with their ancestors and immediate family
   By Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D., LL.D. (New York, 1915) - HT
   - A Memoir of John Patten Emmet M.D.
     formerly Professor of Chemistry and Materia Medic in the University of Virginia; with a Brief Outline of the Emmet Family History
     By Thos. Addis Emmet M.D., LL.D. (50 copies Privately Printed, New York, 1898) - OL - Robert Emmet in: Irish GravesIrish Historical Mysteries: The Grave of Robert EmmetWikipediaThomas Addis Emmet in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* FERGUSON: Sir Samuel Ferguson in the Ireland of His Day - Vol I - Vol II
    poet, barrister, antiquarian, artist, public servant
    By Lady Ferguson (Mary Catherine Guinness Ferguson) (Edinburgh, London, 1896) - OL - Samuel Ferguson in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* FIELD: John Field of Dublin

   Inventor of the Nocturne
   By W.H. Grattan Flood, Mus. D. (Dublin, 1920) - OL - John Field in: Find A Grave (Vvedenskoe Cemetery, Moscow) - Irish GravesWikipedia

     1456 - 1513
     By Donough Bryan, B.A., LL.B., B.L. (Dublin, Belfast, 1933) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI
     Being some Account of their Lives Compiled from the Letters of those who knew them
     By Gerald Campbell (London, 1904) - OL
     1763 - 1798
     By Ida A. Taylor (New York, London, 1904) - OL
   - The Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald
     By Thomas Moore (New York, 1855) - IA - For more on the Fitzgeralds/Geraldines see Nobility and Landed GentryGerald Fitzgerald (1513 - 1534) in: Find A Grave (Tower of London Chapel); Lord Edward Fitzgerald (1763 - 1798) in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipediaPamela, Lady Edward Fitzgerald, in: Wikipedia

     William Petty-Fitzmaurice; afterwards First Marquess of Lansdowne; b. Dublin 1737; Prime Minsiter of Great Britain
     By Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice (London, 1875 - 1876) - OL
   - Lettres de L'Abbé Morellet de L'Académie Francaise a Lord Shelburne
     Depuis Marquis de Lansdowne 1772 - 1803
     Par Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice (Paris, 1898) - IA - William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne (1737 - 1805) in: Wikipedia

   Colonel of the Volunteers. Notice of his lineage and family
   By Warden Flood, Esq. (Dublin, 1838) - OL - Henry Flood in: Wikipedia

* FOLEY: John Henry Foley, R.A.
   A Sketch of the life and Works of the Sculptor of the O'Connell Monument
   By S. A. (Dublin, 1882) - OL - John Henry Foley in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* FOSTER: Stephen Collins Foster
   Folk song composer - Oh Susanna, Camptown Races, Swanee River, etc. Foster's great-grandfather emigrated from Londonderry, 1728
   By Harold Vincent Milligan (New York, Boston, 1920) - IA - Stephen Foster in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* FULLER: Omniana: An Autobiography of an Irish Octogenarian
   Actor, architect, novelist; includes pedigree
   By James Franklin Fuller, F.S.A., M.R.I.A. (London, 1916) - OL - James Franklin Fuller in: Wikipedia


   - The Life of Robert Fulton
     Engineer and inventor (steamboat, submarine).  "His father Robert Fulton, was a native of Kilkenny..."
     By His Friend Cadwallader D. Colden (New York, 1817) - OL
   - An Examination of Cadwallader D. Colden's BOOK, entitled 'A Life of Robert Fulton'
     By a friend of John Fitch, deceased (USA, 1818) - OL
   - A Vindication of the Steam Boat Right granted by the State of New-York
     By Cadwallader D. Cohen (Albany, 1818) - OL - Robert Fulton in: Find A Grave - WikipediaCadwallader D. Colden (grandson of Colonial leader Cadwallader Colden who was b. Ireland) in: Wikipedia

   American Poet, Editor and Public Official. his father Barney Gallagher was an Irishman
   By W. H. Venable (Ohio, 18--) - OL - William Davis Gallagher in: Wikipedia

* GANDON: The Life of James Gandon, Esq., M.R.I.A., F.R.S. etc. Architect

   English architect of Huguenot descent who worked extensively in Ireland
   By Thomas J. Mulvany, Esq., R.H.A. (Dublin, 1846) - IA - James Gandon in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* GAVIN: Michael Freebern Gavin

   A Biography; b. Roscommon, 1844; emigrated aged 13; doctor at Boston City Hospital
   Ed. by his son; Introduction by Clarence John  Blake, M.D. (Privately printed, Cambridge, Massachusetts? 1895) - OL

* GILBERT: Life of Sir John T. Gilbert, LL.D., F.S.A.
   Irish historian and archivist
   By his wife Rosa Mulholland Gilbert (London, 1905) - OL - John Thomas Gilbert in: Find A Grave (follow links for other family members) - Irish GravesWikipedia

   - The Family Letters of Oliver Goldsmith
     a paper read before the Bibliographical Society, 1917
     By Sir Ernest Clarke, M.A., F.S.A. (London, 1920) - OL
   - Goldsmith
     By William Black (New York, 1883) - OL
   - Life of Oliver Goldsmith
     By Washington Irving (New York, 1883) - OL
   - The Life of Oliver Goldsmith, M.B. - Vol I - Vol II
     from a variety of original sources
     By James Prior (London 1837) - OL
   - Oliver Goldsmith
     By Col. John A. Joyce (Washington, 1900) - OL
   - Oliver Goldsmith
     By Richard Ashe King (London, 1910) - IA - Oliver Goldsmith in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

* GOWAN: Life of Hon. Sir James Robert Gowan, K.C.M.G., LL.D., Senator of Canada
   b. Cahore, Co. Wexford, 1815, son of Henry Hatton Gowan and Elizabeth Burkitt
   By his Nephew Henry H. Ardagh, Barrister-at-Law (For Private Circulation, Toronto, 1911) - OL - James Robert Gowan in: Wikipedia


   - The Life of the Right Honorable Henry Grattan
     By Mr. D. O. Madden (Dublin, 1846) - OL
   - Henry Grattan
     The Stanhope Essay 1902
     By Alfred E. Zimmern (Oxford, 1902) - OL
   - Henry Grattan: A Historical Study
     By John George Mac Carthy (Dublin, 1886) - OL
   - Memoirs of the Life and Times of the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V
     By his son, Henry Grattan, Esq., M.P. (London, 1846,1849) - Henry Grattan in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* GREER: David Hummell Greer

   Eighth Bishop of New York
   By Charles Lewis Slattery (New York, London, 1921) - OL - David H. Greer in: Wikipedia

* GRIMES: The Life of James W. Grimes

   Governor of Iowa 1854 - 1858, A Senator of the United States 1859 - 1869
   Surnames in Ireland: Grimes, Wilson, Cochran
   By  William Salter (New York, 1876) - IA - James Wilson Grimes in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


* HAMILTON: Life of Sir William Rowan Hamilton - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
   Andrews Professor of Astronomy in the University of Dublin  and Royal Astronomer of Ireland, etc. etc.
   By Robert Perceval Graves, M.A. (Dublin, London, 1882 - 1889) - OL - William Rowan Hamilton (1805 - 1865) in: Irish Graves - Mount Jerome CemeteryWikipedia

* HARPER: William Rainey Harper

   First President of the University of Chicago; ancestry... had been part of that migration of Presbyterians from Scotland to the North of Ireland; emigrated from County Down 1795
   By Thomas Wakefield Goodspeed (Chicago, 1928) - IA - William Rainey Harper in: Wikipedia

* HEALY: George P. A. Healy
   Irish-American painter
   By his Daughter Mary (Madame Charles Bigot) (Chicago, 1894) - OL - George Peter Alexander Healy in: Wikipedia

   - Patrick Joseph Healy - An appreciation
     Founder of the House of Lyon and Healy (Chicago); b. on a farm near Burnfort, Co. Cork, 1840
     By Unknown author (Chicago, 1907) - OL
   - A Little Journey to the Home of Patrick J. Healy
     in the series Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Americans
     By Elbert Hubbard (East Aurora, New York, 1911) - OL - Lyon and Healy in: Wikipedia

* HEARN: Lafcadio Hearn
   Orientalist; aka Yakumo Koizumi
   By Nina H. Kennard (New York, 1912) - OL - Lafcadio Hearn in: Find A Grave (Zoshigaya Cemetery, Tokyo) - Irish GravesWikipediaLafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum in: WikipediaGreat grandson Prof. Bon Koizumi traces his Irish roots in: The Irish Times


   - Felicia Hemans
     with a Critical and Biographical Introduction; poet; born Liverpool, England 1793,her father was a merchant belonging to a branch of the Sligo family; she lived in Ireland from 1831
     By W. M. Rossetti (New York, London, 1900) - OL
   - Memorials of Mrs. Hemans
     with illustrations of her literary character from her private correspondence
     By Henry F. Chorley (Philadelphia, 1836) - OL
   - Memoir of the Life and Writings of Mrs. Hemans
     By Her Sister (Philadelphia, 1839) - OL - Felicia Hemans in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

* HOOKE: From Irish Whig Rebel to Bourbon Diplomat

   The Life and Career of Nathaniel Hooke 1664 - 1738; b. Corballis House, Dublin; PhD thesis
   By Thomas Byrne (Maynooth, 2007) - NUI Maynooth eTheses Archive

* HOUSTON: Sam Houston
   President of Texas, Senator, etc.; his father also called Sam Houston 'was a courageous Scotch-Irishman and a good soldier'
   By George S. Bryan (New York, 1917) - OL - Sam Houston in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* HUNT: The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III

   critic, essayist, poet and writer; on the female side... we derive ourselves from... Irish kings! - personages (not to say it disrespectfully...) who rank pretty much on a par with the negro chief, surrounded by half a dozen lords in ragged shirts...
   By James Henry Leigh Hunt (London, 1850) - IA - James Henry Leigh Hunt in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* HUTCHESON: The Ingenious Mr. Hutcheson

   An essay on a neglected Scots-Irishman Francis Hutcheson, philosopher
   By Philip Orr (Downpatrick, 2000) - Discover Saintfield website - Francis Hutcheson (philosopher) in: Irish GravesWikipedia


   - Douglas Hyde
     An Craoibhin Aoibhinn
     By Diarmid O Cobhthaigh (Dublin, London, 1917) - OL
   - Douglas Hyde - President of Ireland
     By Diarmid Coffey (Dublin, Cork, 1928) - OL
     By Janet Egleson Dunleavy and Gareth W. Dunleavy (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London, 1991) - IA - Douglas Hyde in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia


     7th President of the United States. His family came from near Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim
     By John Spencer Bassett, Ph.D. (Garden City, New York, 1911) - OL
   - Andrew Jackson
   Andrew Jackson (Sr.) family, neighbours and connections migrated to the Wax haw Settlement in Mecklenburgh County, North Carolina
   by William Graham Sumner (Boston, New York, 1910) - OL - Andrew Jackson in: Find A Grave WikipediaHis father Andrew Jackson Sr. in: Find A GraveHis mother Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson in: Find A GraveHis brother Robert Jackson in: Find A Grave

* KAVANAGH: The Right Honourable Arthur MacMurrough Kavanagh
   A Biography; from papers chiefly unpublished; Irish politician
   Compiled by his cousin Sarah L. Steele (London, 1891) - OL - Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh in: Wikipedia

* KEAN: The Life and Adventures of Edmund Kean - Vol. I - Vol. II

   Tragedian 1787 - 1833
   By J. Fitzgerald Molloy (London, 1888) - OL - Edmund Kean in: Wikipedia


* KERNAN: Address in Memory of Hon. Francis Kernan, LL.D.
   United States Senator
   By William H. Watson (Albany 1893) - OL - Francis Kernan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


* LALOR: James Fintan Lalor
   Patriot and Political Essayist 1807 - 1849; with a Preface by Arthur Griffith
   By L. Fogarty, B.A. (Dublin, London, 1918) - OL - James Fintan Lalor in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* LANE: Hugh Lane's Life and Achievement
   with some account of the Dublin Galleries
   By Lady Gregory (London, 1921) - IA - Hugh Lane in: Irish GravesWikipedia

   In the series "Irish Wits and Worthies"
   By W. J. Fitz-Patrick (Dublin, 1873) - OL - John Lanigan in: Wikipedia

     By Walter Shaw-Sparrow (London, 1911) - OL
     By Sir John Lavery (Boston, 1940) - IA - John Lavery in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipediaHis wife Lady Hazel Lavery in: Irish Graves

     Held at the Grolier Club, New York
     Introduction by Stanley Kidder Wilson (New York, 1914) - OL
     A Biographical Sketch
     By Fred G. Kitton (London, 1883) - OL
     Caricaturist, b. London, 1817, of Irish extraction
     By William Powell Frith, R.A. (London, 1891) - OL - John Leech in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

   being anecdotes and reminiscences; I was born in 1816 in the Royal Hibernian Military School in the Phoenix Park, Dublin
   By W. R. Le Fanu (New York, 1894) - OL - His brother Sheridan Le Fanu (1814 - 1873) in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Mount Jerome CemeteryWikipedia

   -  Charles Lever
     extract from 'Cartoon Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Men of the Day'
     By Frederick Waddy (London, 1873) - OL
     By W. J, Fitzpatrick, LL.D., M.R.I.A. (London, 1879) - OL - Charles Lever in: Irish GravesWikipedia

   I was born in Leeds, in Yorkshire, of Irish parents. My father, Patrick Lowry, was a native of Roscrea...
   Written by Himself (London, 1884) - IA

   By Sean J. Murphy (Bray, Co. Wicklow, 2009) - CIGHS - Charles Lucas (politician) in: Irish GravesWikipedia

   The Journal of the Kilkenny and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1858 - 1861; for further continuation see same and subsequent volumes (Journals - General)
   By Daniel Mac Carthy (Glas), Esq. (Dublin, 1859, 1861) - OL - Florence MacCarthy in: Wikipedia

   An Account of the life of George, Earl of Macartney; b. Lissanoure, Loughguile, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, 1737
   By Helen H. Robbins (London, 1908) - OL - George Macartney, 1st Earl Macartney in: Wikipedia

   RSAI Journal
   By Lord Walter Fitzgerald (Dublin, 1913) - OL

* Mac-MAHON: Le Marechal de Mac-Mahon
   (in French) Marie Edme Patrice Maurice de Mac-Mahon, 1st Duke of Magenta; General, politician, Chief of State, President of the Third Republic; of Irish descent
   By L. De La Provostier (Paris, 1899) - OL - Patrice de Mac-Mahon in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* MacSWINEY: A Short Memoir of Terence MacSwiney
   Lord Mayor of Cork, playwright; d. Brixton prison on hunger strike 1920
   By P. S. O'Hegarty; A chapter by Daniel Corkery (New York, 1922) - IA - Terence MacSwiney in: Irish GravesWikipedia


   Illustrated from Photographs; Irish tenor
   Transcribed by Pierre V. R. Key (Boston, 1918) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI; John F. McCormack in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia

  Inventor of a reaping machine ...His great-grandfather, Thomas McCormick quit Ulster in the troublous days of 1735... His mother's father was Patrick Hall whose forefathers had been driven out of Armagh by the massacre of 1641
   By Herbert N. Casson (Chicago, 1909) - OL - Cyrus McCormick in: WikipediaHis father Robert McCormick (Virginia) in: WikipediaHis brother William Sanderson McCormick in: WikipediaHis brother Leander J. McCormick in: Wikipedia

* McSHANE: M. James McShane
   (In French) Depute de Montreal-Ouest, Assemblee-Legislative de Quebec. Son of a native of County Armagh
   Par P.A. J. Voyer (Trois-Rivieres, 1883) - OL - James McShane in: Wikipedia

* MADDEN: Memoirs (chiefly autobiographical) of Dr. Richard Robert Madden
   My father, Edward Madden, was an eminent manufacturer in the city of Dublin...
   By Dr. R. R. Madden, edited by his son Thomas More Madden (Dublin, 1892) - OL - Richard Robert Madden in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* MALLETT: Robert Mallet: Ireland's 'Father of Seismology'
   By Sean Duke (Ireland, 2009) - Science Spin website - Robert Mallet in: Wikipedia

* MALONE: Life of Edmond Malone

   Editor of Shakespeare
   By Sir James Prior, M.R.I.A., F.S.A. etc. (London, 1860) - OL - Edmond Malone in: Wikipedia

* MANGAN: The Life and Writings of James Clarence Mangan
   By D. J. O'donoghue (Edinburgh, 1897) - OL - James Clarence Mangan in: Irish GravesWikipedia


   - The Diary of 'Honest' John Martin
     Young Irelander
     Transcribed by Suzanne Ballard (Filmed 2000) - FHB

   - Memoirs of Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher
     By Michael Cavanagh (1892) - OL
   - Meagher of the Sword
     Speeches of Thomas Francis Meagher in Ireland 1846 - 1848; His Narrative of Events in Ireland in July 1848, Personal reminiscences of Waterford, Galway and his Schooldays
     Edited by Arthur Griffith (Dublin, 1916) - OL - Thomas Francis Meagher in: Australian Dictionary of Biography - Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

   - Thomas Mellon and His Times
     1. Family History; 2. Autobiography; entrepreneur, lawer, judge, founder of 'Mellon Bank'; b. Casteltown, Co. Tyrone, 1813
     By Thomas Mellon (printed for his family and descendants exclusively, Pittsburgh, 1885, reprint New York, 1969) - Borrow this book from OL
   - The Mellons of Pittsburg
     By Frank R. Denton (New York, 1948) - Borrow this book from OL - Thomas (Alexander) Mellon in: WikipediaHis son Andrew William Mellon in: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation - Find A GraveThe Mellon Centre for Migration Studies - website

     By William Dillon (London, 1888) - OL
     With Some Account of Young Ireland
     By P.S. O'Hegarty (Dublin, London, 1917) - OL - John Mitchel in: Wikipedia

   By Albert Barry, C.S.S.R. (Dublin, 1905) - OL - Arthur John Moore in: Wikipedia

   - Memoirs, Journal and Correspondence of Thomas Moore Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI - Vol VII - Vol VIII
     By the Right Honourable Lord John Russell, M.P. (Mixed editions, Boston, London, 1853, 1854, 1856) - OL
   - Moore: Poet and Patriot
     By John P. Gunning (Dublin, 1900) - OL
   - Tom [Thomas] Moore in Bermuda
     A Bit of Literary Gossip
     By J. C. L. Clark (1909) - OL - Thomas Moore in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

* MORGAN (nee OWENSON): Lady Morgan; her Career Literary and Personal
   with a glimpse of her Friends, and a word to her Calumniators
   By William John FitzPatrick, J.P. (London, 1860) - OL - Sydney, Lady Morgan in: Irish GravesWikipediaHer husband Thomas Charles Morgan in: WikipediaHer father Robert Owenson (MacOwen) in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* MURRAY: The Life and Battles of Yankee Sullivan
  ...(whose right name was Frank Murray) was a native of the village of Bander (Bandon?), near the city of Cork... Champion prizefighter
   Compiled by Ed. James (1880) - OL - James 'Yankee' Sullivan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* NUGENT: Life Work of Thomas L. Nugent
   His father, Thomas Nugent, was a native of Ireland, having been born on his father's estate near Rashsowney (Rathdowney?), Queen's County, Ireland, in 1792.
   By Mrs Catherine Nugent (Stephenville, Texas, 1896) - OL

                 Daniel O'Connell
   - The Life of William O'Brien
       The Irish Nationalist
       By Michael MacDonagh (London, 1928) - HT
  - Recollections
   - Evening Memories
     being a continuation of 'Recollections'
     By William O'Brien, M.P. (London, 1905, 1920) - OL - William O'Brien in: Irish Graves Wikipedia

     including his pedigree
     By Sister M. F. Cusack (New York, 1872) - OL
   - The Life, Opinions, Conversations and Eloquence of Daniel O'Connell
     with a Preliminary Sketch of Irish History
     By Thomas Clarke Luby, Esq., A.B.T.C.D. (New York, 1872) - OL
   - The Life and Times of Daniel O'Connell
     By T. C. Luby, Esq., T.C.D. (Glasgow, 1870) - OL
   - Life and Times of Daniel O'Connell - Vol I
     with sketches of his contemporaries (subsequent vols not found)
     Compiled from the works of W. J. O'N. Daunt, Mr. Fegan, R. L. Sheil, etc. (Dublin, 1867) - OL
   - Rev. Dr. Miley's Funeral Oration on the Death of The Liberator
     with The Funeral Obsequies Celebrated at Rome
     By the Rev. Dr. Kirby (Dublin, 1847) OL
   - Personal Recollections of the late Daniel O'Connell, M.P. - Vol I - Vol II
     By William J. O'N. Daunt, Esq. (London, 1848) - IA - Daniel O'Connell in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - WikipediaHis son Maurice O'Connell, M.P. in: WikipediaHis son John O'Connell (MP) in: WikipediaHis son Daniel O'Connell, Jr. in: WikipediaHis son Morgan O'Connell in: Wikipedia

   The Pacific Adventurer.   I was born in Dublin...
   From His Own Memoranda (New York, 1853) - IA

   Prince of Tirconnell ( in Irish with a translation in English)
   By Lughaidh O'Clery (Dublin, 1893) - OL - Hugh Roe O'Donnell in: Wikipedia

* O'DONOVAN: John O'Donovan, LL.D.
   Obituary of Celtic scholar in Duffy's Hibernian Magazine
   By Unknown author (Dublin, 1862) - OL - John O'Donovan (scholar) in: Irish GravesWikipedia

* O'DONOVAN ROSSA - see Rossa

* O'FALLON: Biography of John O'Fallon

   extract from the 'O'Fallon Centennial 1854 - 1954'
   Souvenir Program (O'Fallon, Illinois,  1954) - OL - John O'Fallon in: WikipediaHis brother Benjamin O'Fallon in: Find A GraveO'Fallon (city), Illinois (named after John) in: WikipediaFallon County, Montana (named after Benjamin) in: Wikipedia

* O'KEEFFE: Recollections of the Life of John O'Keeffe - Vol I - Vol II
   Actor and dramatist. "I was born in Abbey-street, Dublin on 24th of June 1747..."
   By John O'Keeffe (London, 1826) - OL - John O'Keeffe (Irish writer) in: Irish GravesWikipedia

     Called by the English, Hugh, Earl of Tyrone, with some account of his predecessors Con, Shane and Tirlough
     By John Mitchel (New York, 1868) - OL
   - Red Hand of Ulster; or, The Fortunes of Hugh O'Neill
     By Mrs. J. Sadlier (Boston, 1859) - OL
     By J. F. Taylor (London, Dublin, 1904) - OL - Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone in: WikipediaOwen Roe O'Neill in: Wikipedia

* O'NEILL: Memoirs of Miss O'Neill
   her public character, private life and Dramatic Progress from her entrance upon the stage; dau. of John O'Neill of Drogheda and __________ Featherstone; mar. William Wrixon Becher, an Irish M.P. who was created a baronet in 1831
   By Charles Inigo Jones, Esq. (London, 1816) - IA - Eliza O'Neill in: Wikipedia

   - Life of John Boyle O'Reilly
     Poet, writer, journalist
     By James Jeffrey Roche (New York, 1891) - OL
   - An Account of the ... Dedication ... of the O'Reilly Monument
     By Order of the City Council (Boston, 1897) - OL; John Boyle O''Reilly in: Australian Dictionary of Biography - Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

* O'SULLIVAN, Ui SHUILLEABHAIN: Beatha Eoghain Ruaidh Ui Shuilleabhain
   (in Irish - life of Eoghan Roe O'Sullivan)
   leis an Athair Padraig Ua Duinnin (i mBaile Atha Cliath, 1902) - OL - Eoghan Rua O'Suilleabhain in: Wikipedia - Eoghan Rua O Suilleabhain isteach: Vicipeid

* O'SULLIVAN: The Songs of Tomas Ruadh O'Sullivan - The Iveragh Poet 1785 - 1848

   with a Sketch of the Poet's Career; Iveragh in pre-famine times
   By James Fenton (Dublin, 1900) - OL



* ORR: 'Remember Orr'
   William Orr; in the series 'The Northern Leaders of '98' No. 1
   By Francis Joseph Bigger (Dublin, 1906) - OL - William Orr in: WikipediaFrancis Joseph Bigger in: Irish Graves


   - Gladstone - Parnell, and The Great Irish Struggle
     with biographies; Introduction by Hon. Charles Stewart Parnell, M.P.
     By T. P. O'Connor; R. M. McWade (Philadelphia, 1886) - OL
     A memory
     By T. P. [Thomas Power] O'Connor, M.P. (London, New York, Melbourne, 1891) - OL
     including a chapter on Parnell's ancestors Vol I
     By R. Barry O'Brien (London, 1898) - OL
     Third Edition Vol II
     By R. Barry O'Brien (London, 1899) - OL
   - A Patriot's Mistake
     being Personal Recollections of the Parnell Family
     By 'A Daughter of the House' Emily Monroe Dickinson (Dublin, 1905) - OL - Charles Stewart Parnell in: DNB - Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

   - An Appreciation of Padraic H. Pearse
     First President of the Irish Republic
     By William C. O'Farrell, O.C.C. (New York, 1919) - OL
   - The Man Called Pearse
     By Desmond Ryan (Dublin, London, 1919) - OL - Patrick Pearse in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia


   - Sir Robert Peel
     M.P. for Cashel, Chief Secretary for Ireland, proposed a specialist police force 'Peelers'; later Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; his eldest son Sir Robert Peel, 3rd Baronet, also served as Chief Secretary for Ireland
     By Justin McCarthy, M.P. (London, 1891) - OL
   - Sir Robert Peel - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
     from his private papers
     By Charles Stuart Parker (London, 1899) - OL - Robert Peel in: Find A Grave - The PatricianWikipedia

* PENN: The Life of William Penn
   With selections from his Correspondence and Auto-Biography
   By Samuel M. Janney (Philadelphia, 1852) - OL - William Penn in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* PETTY: The Life of Sir William Petty
   travelled with Cromwell in Ireland; maker of the 'Down Survey' of Ireland; landowner at Kenmare
   By Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice (London 1895) - IA - William Petty (1623 - 1687) in: WikipediaEdmond Fitzmaurice, 1st Baron Fitzmaurice in: WikipediaThe Down Survey of IrelandTrinity College, Dublin - WikipediaHistory of the Down Survey by Thomas Aiskew Larcom (Dublin, 1851) - OL; Thomas Larcom in: Wikipedia

* PETTY: Prime Minister, Earl of Shelburne, Marquess of Lansdowne, etc. see FitzMaurice

* POE:

   - Edgar Allan Poe
     By Edmund Clarence Stedman (Original 1885, Privately reprinted, limited to 200 copies, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1909) - OL
   - Edgar Allan Poe
     John Poe, father of Lady Blessington and great-grandfather of Edgar Allen PoeDavid Poe, born in Londonderry, the grandfather of the poet, married the daughter of John McBride, Scotch-Irish Admiral
     By Colonel John A. Joyce (New York, London) - OL
   - Edgar Poe
     Life of Edgar Allan Poe, in French; Vers le milieu du XVIII siecle, un Irlandais d'Ulster, John Poe, emigra avec femme et enfants en Amerique
     By Emile Lauvriere (Paris, 1911) - OL
   - The Life of Edgar Allan Poe
     By William F. Gill (New York, 1877) - OL - Edgar Allan Poe in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - The Life of James Knox Polk
     11th President of the United States; "...the name is obviously the Irish corruption of Pollock. Robert Polk was born in Ireland..." married a Miss Gullet; their son Ezekiel Polk was  grandfather of the President
     By John S. Jenkins (Auburn, 1850) - OL
   - James K. Polk
     A Political Biography
     By Eugene Irving McCormac, Ph.D. (Berkeley, California, 1922) - OL
   James Knox Polk in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - Sir Horace Plunkett
     and his place in the Irish Nation
     By Edward E. Lysaght (Dublin, London, 1916) - OL
   - Count Plunkett - The Man and His Message
     By Louis George Reddy (Dublin, 1917) - OL - Horace Plunkett in: Wikipedia

* QUIN: The Life of Mr. James Quin, Comedian
   Dedicated to David Garrick, Esq. 1766 (Reprinted London 1887) - OL - James Quin (1693 - 1766) in: Wikipedia


   - Life of Sir Walter Ralegh
     with Portrait and Maps
    By Louise Creighton (London, 1882) - OL
   - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Ralegh
     With Notices relative to the Potatoe and to Tobacco
     By Mrs. A.T. Thomson (Philadelphia, 1831) - OL
   - Sir Walter Ralegh in Ireland
     By John Pope Hennessy (London, 1883) - OL - Sir Walter Raleigh in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

   - The Life of John Redmond
     By Denis Gwynn (1932) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI
   - The Life of John Redmond
     By Warre B. Wells (New York, 1919) - OL
   - John Redmond
     The Man and the Demand
     By L. G. Redmond-Howard (1910) - OL
   - John Redmond's Last Years
     By Stephen Gwynn (New York, 1919) - OL - John Redmond in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

   Formerly of Kilkea Castle, in the County of Kildare
   By His Son Thomas Reynolds (1838, 1839) - OL

   Scotch Irish settlement in New Hamshire
   By Josiah H. Drummond (Machester, New Hampshire, (1897) - OL

   1838 to 1898. Includes a Chapter  on Genealogy
   By O'Donovan Rossa (1898) - IA - Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

   includes genealogical notes
   By Harry Ross-Lewin of Ross Hill, Co. Clare (1904) - IA

   Born in Ireland 1808
   By S.C. Ayres, M.D. (1910) OL - Stephen Clegg Rowan in: Wikipedia

* RUSK: "Uncle Jerry" - Life of General Jeremiah M. Rusk
   Stage Driver, Farmer, soldier, Legislator, Governor, Cabinet Officer; his grandfather James Rusk b. near Londonderry came to America 'under circumstances not without a tinge of romance'
   By Henry Casson; with a chapter by Ex-President Benjamin Harrison (Madison, Wisconsin, 1895) - OL - Jeremiah McLain Rusk in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* RUSSELL: AE (George W. Russell)

   A Study of a Man and a Nation
   By Darrell Figgis (New York, 1916) - OL - George William Russell (1867 - 1935) in: Irish GravesMount Jerome CemeteryWikipedia

* RUSSELL: Lord Russell of Killowen
   Lord Chief Justice of England
   By R. Barry O'Brien (1901) - IA - Charles Arthur Russell in: Find A Grave WikipediaHis wife Ellen Mulholland Russell in: Find A GraveHer sister Lady Rosa Mulholland Gilbert (wife of John Thomas Gilbert - see above) in: Find A Grave

George Bernard Shaw with Archibald Henderson

   - Bernard Shaw
     By Holbrook Jackson (Philadelphia, London, 1907) OL
    By Gilbert K. Chesterton (1909) - IA
     A facsimile of page 54 of letter to the biographer signed by G. Bernard Shaw between pages vi and vii; MISSING: Appendix with genealogical chart of the Shaw family of Counties Tipperary, Kilkenny and Dublin together with other lineal ancestors of GBS
     By Archibald Henderson, M.A., Ph.D. (Cincinnati, 1911) - OL - George Bernard Shaw in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

     By Lloyd C. Sanders (1891) - IA
   - Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Vol I - Vol II
     By Thomas Moore (London, 1825, 1858 - different editions) - IA
   - Memoires sur la Vie Privee, Politique et Litteraire de Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Tome Premier
     par Thomas Moore
     Traduite de L'angais par J. R. Parisot (Paris, 1826) - IA - Richard Brinsley Sheridan in: Wikipedia

* SHERIDAN: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Mrs. Frances Sheridan
   Mother of the late Right Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan; b. 1724 Frances Chamberlaine, dau of Dr. Philip Chamberlaine, Prebend of Rathmichael, Diocese of Dublin, Archdeacon of Glendalough, Rector of St. Nicholas Without
   By her grand-daughter Alicia Lefanu (London, 1824) - OL - Frances Sheridan in: Wikipedia

   - Edmund Spenser
     English poet; works include 'A View of the Present State of Ireland'. 'Ireland under Elizabeth and James the First', etc.; Secretary to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (Lord Grey of Wilton); in 1586 received a grant of land 3, 028 acres in Co. Cork (forfeited from the Earl of Desmond); Spenser resided at Kilcolman, Co. Cork and became Clerk of the Council of Munster; in 1594 mar. Elizabeth ___________, the dau. of 'an Irish peasant of obscure descent'; 4 children all living in Ireland; Spenser's sister Sarah mar. John Travers, Esq., - their son Sir Robert Travers, Knt. mar. Elizabeth Boyle, dau of Bishop of Cork (see The Patrician by John Burke, Esq. for Irish connections)
     By Daniel Wise, D.D. (New York, 1883) - OL
   - Spenser
     includes chapter on 'Spenser in Ireland' (1580)
     By R. W. Church (London, 1902) - OL - Edmund Spenser in: Find A GraveThe Patrician - Wikipedia


   - Sir Charles V. (Villiers) Stanford
     composer, music teacher, conductor, b. 2 Herbert Street, Dublin, 1852; bur Westminster Abbey
     By John F. Porte (London, 1921) - OL
   - Charles Villiers Stanford - Masters of English Music
     By Charles Willeby (New York, 1894) - OL
   - Pages from an Unwritten Diary
     beginning with memories of Dublin
     By Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (New York, 1914) - IA - Sir Charles Villiers Stanford in: Find A GraveIrish Graves - Wikipedia

* STEPHENS: James Stephens - Chief Organiser of the Irish Republic
   Embracing an account... of the Fenian Brotherhood, being a semi-biographical sketch...
   By Unknown Author (1866) - OL - James Stephens in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia

* STEWART: Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Business Men - A. T. Stewart
   Alexander Turney Stewart, b. Lisburn, Co. Antrim, 1803, built a huge fortune in retailling; his mother 'married again, and was busy raising a goodly brood of Callahans...'
   By Elbert Hubbard (East Aurora, New York, 1909) - OL - Alexander Turney Stewart in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir Charles Stewart - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
     Second and Third Marquesses of Londonderry; Charles William Stewart (later Vane)
     By Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., D.C.L., LL.D., etc. (Edinburgh, London, 1861) - OL
     By the Marchioness of Londonderry (London, 1904) - IA - Robert Stewart in: Irish Graves - WikipediaCharles Vane in: Wikipedia

* STEWART: Robert Prescott Stewart 1824 - 1894
   A Victorian Musician in Dublin; PhD Thesis
   By Lisa Parker (Maynooth, 2009) - NUI Maynooth eTheses Archive - His son-in-law Sir John de Fonblanque Pennefather (great grandson of Sir Jonah Barrington) in: Wikipedia

* STOKES: Memoir and Scientific Correspondence of the late Sir George Gabriel Stokes, Bart. - Vol I - Vol II

     b. Skreen, Co. Sligo, 1819, one of 8 children of Gabriel Stokes and Elizabeth Haughton; pioneer in fluid dynamics; notes on his family and ancestry
     By Joseph Larmor, D.Sc., LL.D., Sec.R.S. (Cambridge, 1907) - OL - Stokes' law in: WikipediaStokes wave in: WikipediaCampbell-Stokes recorder in: Wikipedia

* STUART: The Life of James the Second, King of England etc. - Vol I - Vol II

     collected out of Memoirs writ of his own hand; including campaigns in Ireland
     By the Rev. J. S. Clarke, LL.B., F.R.S. (London, 1816) - OL


   - Anne Sullivan Macy - the Story behind Helen Keller
     her Irish born parents were Thomas Sullivan and Alice Chloesy
     By Nella Braddy (New York, 1933) - IA
   - The Story of My Life
      ...and letter of her Teacher Anne Mansfield Sullivan
      By John Albert Macy (New York, 1908) - OL
   - Valiant Companions - Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy
     By Helen Elmira Waite (Philadlephia, 1959) - IA - Anne Sullivan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

      (Gilbert and Sullivan) Of Irish and Italian descent
      By H. Saxe Wyndham (1903) - IA
   - Souvenir of Sir Arthur Sullivan
      A Brief Sketch of his Live and Works; his grandfather was from Co. Kerry
      By Walter J. Wells (London, 1901) - OL - Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - Barry Sullivan: A Biographical Sketch
   Thomas Barry Sullivan, classical actor, son of Peter Sullivan and Mary Barry of Cork
   By W. J. Lawrence (London, 1893)
   - Barry Sullivan and his Contemporaries - Vol I - Vol II
     A Histrionic Record; with portraits
     By Robert M. Sillard (London, 1901) - OL - Barry Sullivan (stage actor) in: Find A GraveIrish GravesWikipedia

* SULLIVAN: The Life of James Sullivan - Vol I - Vol II

    with Selections from his Writings; Governor of Massachusetts
    By Thomas C. Amory (Boston, 1859) - OL - James Sullivan (Governor) (1744 - 1808) in: Find A GraveWikipedia

   - Sullivan as he lived
      The Shaping of American Architecture; Louis Henry (or Henri) Sullivan, 'father of skyscrapers' son of Irish born Patrick Sullivan; Chicago school; similarities with the fictional hero (?) of Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead'
      By Willard Connely (New York, 1960) - IA
   - The Testament of Stone
      By Maurice English (Chicago? 1963) - IA - Louis Sullivan in: Find A GraveWikipedia

   - Dean Swift
     By Sophie Shilleto Smith (London, 1910) - OL
   - Dean Swift and his Writings
      By Gerald P. Moriarty, B. A. (London, 1893) - OL
   - Memoirs of Mrs. Laetitia Pilkington Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
     Wife to the Rev. Mr. Matthew Pilkington; All her Poems; with the Conclusive Part of the Life of the Inimitable Dean Swift
     By Herself (London, 1754) - OL - See Query and Reply in Notes and Queries for short review of these Memoirs
   - Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift
     Dean of St. Patrick's Dublin
     In a series of Letters from John, Earl of Orrery to his Son, the Honourable Hamilton Boyle (1752) - OL
   - Unpublished Letters of Dean Swift
     Edited by George Birkbeck Hill, D.C.L., LL.D. (London, 1899) - OL - Jonathan Swift in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

* SWIFT MacNEILL: What I Have Seen and Heard
   14 Illustrations
   By J. G. Swift MacNeill (Boston, 1925) - HT - J. G. Swift MacNeill in: Wikipedia

   - John Millington Synge and the Irish Theatre
     By Maurice Bourgeois (London, 1913) - OL
   - John M. Synge: A Few Personal Recollections with Biographical Notes
     By John Masefield (500 copies, New York, 1915) - OL
   - Synge and the Ireland of his Time
     with a Note concerning a Walk through connemara with him by Jack Butler Yeats
     By William Butler Yeats (350 copies, Churchtown, Dundrum, 1911) - OL - John Millington Synge in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Mount Jerome CemeteryWikipedia


   - The Life of William Thomson - Baron Kelvin of Largs - Vol I
     Mathematical physicist and engineer; b. Belfast, 1824 son of James Thomsonfarm labourer and maker of sun dials who was b. Annaghmore, 1786; William attended school at Ballykine near Ballynahinch, Co. Down
     By Silvanus P. Thompson (London, 1910) - OL
   - Lord Kelvin - His Life and Work
     By Alexander Russell, M.A., D.Sc., M.I.E.E. (London, 1912) OL
   - In Memoriam - The Right Honorable William Thomson, Lord Kelvin
     b. 1824; d. 1907; interred in Westminster Abbey
     Published by American Institute of Electrical Engineers (New York, 1908) - OL - William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

     Abridged and Edited by Sean O'Faolain (1937) - IA
   - The Letters of Wolfe Tone
     Edited by Bulmer Hobson (Dublin, 1920) - OL
   - The Life of Wolfe Tone
     Written by Himself and Completed by his Son; Together with Extracts from his Political writings
     Abridged and Edited by Bulmer Hobson (Dublin, 1921) - OL - Theobald Wolfe Tone in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

   Governor of Derry during the Siege in 1688. Ulster Journal of Archaeology
   By the Rev. Abraham Dawson, A.B. (Belfast, 1854) - OL - George Walker in: Wikipedia

* WALTON: Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton
   Nobel Laureate; b. Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, 1903; d. 1995
   - - official website - Ernest Walton in: Wikipedia

* WENTWORTH: The Life of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford - Vol I - Vol II

   and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland
   By Elizabeth Cooper (London, 1874) - IA

* WHELAN: Biographical Sketch of the Honorable Edward Whelan
   one of the Fathers of the Canadian Confederation, born County Mayo, 1824
   By Peter McCourt (Charlottetown, P.E.I., 1888) - OL - Edward Whelan in: Wikipedia

   - James McNeill Whistler
     By H. W. Singer (London, 1905) - OL
   - James McNeill Whistler
     son of Major George Washington Whistler, whose father, a well-born Irish gentleman, Major John Whistler, emigrated to America early 19th century
     By Mrs. Arthur Bell (London, 1904) - OL
   - Recollections and Impressions of James A. McNeill Whistler
     By Arthur Jerome Eddy (Philadelphia, London, 1904) - IA - James Abbott McNeill Whistler in: Find A Grave (follow links for relatives) - Wikipedia

   - The Life of Oscar Wilde
     By Robert Harborough Sherard (1906) - IA
   - In Memoriam Oscar Wilde
     By Ernest La Jeunesse, Andre Gide and Franz Blei; translation and introduction by Percival Pollard (limited to 975 copies, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1905) - OL
   - Oscar Wilde
     Fragments and Memories
     By Martin Birnbaum (New York, 1914) - OL
  - Oscar Wilde - Vol I - Vol II
     His Life and Confessions
     By Frank Harris (New York, 1918) - OL
   - Audiobook by LibriVox
     Oscar Wilde in: Find A Grave - WikipediaHis Mother 'Speranza' - Lady Jane Wilde in: Irish Graves

* WOOFINGTON: The Life and Adventures of Peg Woffington - Vol I - Vol II
   Irish actress in London
   By J. Fitzgerald Molloy (New York, 1892) - IA - Peg Woofington in: Irish GravesWikipedia


   - Four Years
     1887 - 1891
     By William Butler Yeats (Churchtown, Dundrum, 1921) - OL
   - Passages from the Letter of John Butler Yeats
     written to W.B. Yeats
     Selected by Ezra Pound (Churchtown, Dundrum, 1917) - OL - William Butler Yeats in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipediaHis brother Jack B. Yeats in: Find A GraveIrish Graves - Mount Jerome CemeteryWikipediaTheir father John Butler Yeats in: Find A Grave - Irish GravesWikipedia

Biographical Dictionaries, Compilations
Search over 100 encyclopaedias and dictionaries:
  Dean Swift, Sir Richard Steele... Oliver Goldsmith
   By John Timbs, F.S.A. (London, 1863) - IA

* Annals of the Irish Harpers
   with Portraits
   By Charlotte Milligan Fox (New York, 1912) - HT

Antrim and Down in '98
   The lives of Henry Joy M'Cracken, James Hope, William Putnam M'Cabe, Rev. James Porter, Henry Munro
   By Dr. Madden (Glasgow, 1844) OL

* Behind the Scenes - Yeats, Horniman, and the Struggle for the Abbey Theatre
   part history, part sociology, part biography
   By Adrian Frazier (Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oxford, 1990) - University of California Press website

* Biographia Britannica Literaria or Biography of Literary Characters - Anglo Saxon Period - Anglo Norman Period

   of Great Britain and Ireland in chronological order
   By Thomas Wright, M.A. (London, 1842) - OL

Biographia Hibernica - A Biographical Dictionary of the Worthies of Ireland - Vol I - Vol II
   from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
   By Richard Ryan (London, 1821) - IA

   Printed for Henry Colburn (London, 1816) - OL

* British and Irish Public Characters of 1798
   Memoirs of Personages
   Printed for J. Milliken, John Rice (Dublin, 1799) - OL

The British Plutarch Vol I - Vol II

   incl. George Browne and Hugh Corwin, Archbishops of Dublin - Vol III incl. Sir Walter Raleigh; Richard Boyle, Earl of Corke; Dr. James Usher, Archbishop of Armagh - Vol IV incl. James Butler, Duke of Ormond - Vol V incl. Sir William Temple; Robert Boyle - Vol VIincl. Dr. Jonathan Swift; Sir Hans Sloane - Vol VII - Vol VIII incl. Oliver Goldsmith
   containing the Lives of the Most Eminent Statesmen, Patriots, Divines, Warriors, Philosophers, Poets and Artists of Great Britain and Ireland
   Printed for Charles Dilly (London, 1791) - OL

John Philpot Curran

* The Cabinet of Irish Literature - Vol I
   Geoffry Keating (1570 - 1650)
   Gerald Nugent (fl.cir. 1588)
   Teige Macdaire (1570 - 1650)
   Michael O'Clery (1580 - 1650)
   Owen Ward (fl. cir. 1600 - 1610)
   Richard Stanihurst (1545 - 1618)
   Ludovick Barry (fl. cir. 1611)
   James Usher (1580 - 1656)
   Maurice Fitzgerald (fl. cir. 1612)
   Sir James Ware (1594 - 1666)
   Sir John Denham (1615 - 1660)
   Nicholas French (1604 - 1678)
   Maurice Dugan (fl. cir. 1641 - 1660)
   Duald MacFirbis (1585 - 1670)
   Richard Flecknoe (1600 - 1678)
   Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery (1621 - 1679)
   William Molyneux (1656 - 1698)
   Wentworth Dillon, Earl of Roscommon (1633 - 1684)
   The Hon. Robert Boyle (1626 - 1691)
   Thomas Duffet (fl. cir. 1676)
   George Farquhar (1678 - 1707)
   Henry Dodwell (1641 - 1711)
   The Hon. Mrs. Monk (1677 - 1715)
   Nahum Tate (1652 - 1715)
   Nicholas Brady (1659 - 1726)
   Roderic O'Flaherty (1628 - 1718)
   Anthony, Count Hamilton (1646 - 1720)
   John Toland (1669 - 1722)
   Thomas Parnell (1679 - 1717)
   Robert Viscount Molesworth (1656 - 1725)
   Mrs. Susanna Centlivre (1667 - 1723)
   Dr. William King (1650 - 1729)
   John O'Neachtan (fl. cir. 1695 - 1729)
   Sir Richard Steele (1672 - 1729)
   Mrs. Constantia Grierson (1706 - 1733)
   William Congreve (1672 - 1729)
   Turlough O'Carolan (1670 - 1738)
   John Abernethy (1680 - 1740)
   Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)
   Samuel Boyse (1708 - 1749)
   Sir Hans Sloane (1660 - 1752)
   Thomas Southerne (1660 - 1746)
   Mathew Concanen (d. 1749)
   Bishop [George] Berkeley (1684 - 1753)
   Mrs. Laetitia Pilkington (1712 - 1760) - see Dean Swift below
   John Boyle, Earl of Cork (1707 - 1762)
   John MacDonnell (1691 - 1754)
   Charles Molloy (1706 - 1767)
   Samuel Madden (1686 - 1765)
   Mrs. Barber (1712 - 1757)
   Laurence Sterne (1713 - 1768)
   Philip Francis (1719 - 1773)
   John Cunningham (1729 - 1773)
   Henry Jones (1721 - 1770)
   Patrick Delaney 1686 - 1768)
   Frances Sheridan (1724 - 1766)
   Oliver Goldsmith (1728 - 1774)
   Hugh Kelly (1739 - 1777)
   James Delacour (1709 - 1781)
   William Havard (1710 - 1778)
   Kane O'Hara (d. 1782)
   Thomas Leland (1722 - 1785)
   Henry Brooke (1706 - 1783)
   Francis Gentleman (1728 - 1784)
   Thomas Sheridan (1721 - 1788)
   Andrew Magrath (abt. 1723 - aft. 1790)
   General [John] Burgoyne (cir. 1728 - 1792)
   Charlotte Brooke (1740 - 1793)
   Selections from the Works of the Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland with Biographical Sketches and Literary Notices
   By Charles A. Read, F.R.H.S. (London, 1893) - OL

Thomas Moore

The Cabinet of Irish Literature - Vol II
  Selections from the Works of the Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland with Biographical Sketches and Literary Notices
   Sir Jonah Barrington (1760 - 1834)
   John Philpot Curran (1750 - 1817)
   James Orr (1770 - 1816)
   Eaton Stannard Barrett (1785 - 1820)
   Henry Grattan (1746 - 1820)
   John Lanigan, D.D. (1758 - 1828)
   Charles Wolfe (1791 - 1823)
   Charles Robert Maturin (1782 - 1824
   Mary Leadbeater (1758 - 1826)
   John O'Keefe (1747 - 1843
   Thomas Furlong (1794 - 1827)
   James Joseph Callanan (1795 - 1829)
   James Warren Doyle (1786 - 1834)
   Charles Kendal Bushe (1767 - 1843)
   Maria Edgeworth (1767 - 1849)
   Daniel O'Connell (1775 - 1847)
   William Maginn, LL.D. (1794 - 1842)
   John Banim (1794 - 1842)
   James Kenney (1780 - 1849)
   Countess of Blessington [Marguerite Gardiner (nee Power)] (1789 - 1849)
   Caesar Otway (1768 - 1842)
   Sir Aubrey de Vere (1788 - 1846)
   Richard Henry Wilde (1789 - 1847)
   Thomas Moore (1780 - 1852)
   William Conyngham Plunket (1764 - 1854)
   George Darley (1785 - 1846)
   Sir Martin Archer Shee (1760 - 1850)
   Gerald Griffin (1803 - 1840)
   James Clarence Mangan (1803 - 1849)
   Richard Lalor Sheil (1791 - 1851)
   John Keegan (1809 - 1849)
   Lieut.-Gen. Sir Chas. J. Napier (1782 - 1853)
   William Hamilton Maxwell (1794 - 1850)
   George Croly, LL.D. (1780 - 1860)
   Sir Wm. Francis Patrick Napier (1785 - 1860)
   John D. Fraser (1809 - 1849)
   Thomas Crofton Croker (1798 - 1854) - in: Irish Graves
   Edward Walsh (1805 - 1850)
   William Thompson (1805 - 1852)
   James Sheridan Knowles (1784 - 1862)
   Mrs. Jameson (1794 - 1860)
   William Hamilton Drummond (1778 - 1865)
   George Petrie, LL.D. (1789 - 1866)
   Eugene O'Curry (1796 - 1862)
   William Archer Butler (1814 - 1848)
   Thomas Osborne Davis (1815 - 1845)
   John Anster, LL.D. (1793 - 1867)
   John D'Alton (1792 - 1867) - see also Papers relating to the historian John D'Alton 1844 - 1864 - Louth County Council
   Cardinal [Nicholas] Wiseman (1802 - 1874)
   Michael Banim (1796 - 1874)
   Arthur Gerald Geoghegan (1809 - 1889)
   John O'Hagan (1822 - 1890)
   Dr. John Kells Ingram (b. 1823)
   By Charles A. Read, F.R.H.S. (London, Revised, 1903) - OL

The Cabinet of Irish Literature - Vol III
  Selections from the Works of the Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland with Biographical Sketches and Literary Notices
   By Charles A. Read, F.R.H.S. (London, 1880) - OL

James Sheridan Knowles

The Cabinet of Irish Literature - Vol IV
   Selections from the Works of the Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland with Biographical Sketches and Literary Notices
   Charles James Lever (1806 - 1872)
   Archbishop M'Hale (b. 1791)
   Sir Joseph Napier (b. 1804)
   James Godkin (b. 1806)
   Archbishop Trench (b. 1807)
   John Patrick Prendergast (b. 1807)
   Hon. Mrs. Caroline Norton (1807 - 1877)
   John Edward Walsh (1816 - 1889)
   Mrs. S. C. Hall
   Aubrey T. de Vere (b. 1814)
   Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814 - 1873)
   Marmion W. Savage (1823 - 1867)
   Sir Samuel Ferguson (b. 1810)
   James Whiteside (1806 - 1876)
   Thomas D'Arcy M'Gee (1825 - 1868)
   William M'Cullagh Torrens (b. 1813)
   Lady Wilde ('Speranza') 
   Meadows Taylor (1808 - 1876)
   Thomas Caulfield Irwin (b. 1823)
   Richard Francis Burton (b. 1821)
   James Roderick O'Flanagan (b. 1814)
   William Connor Magee, D.D. (b. 1821)
   William Howard Russell (b. 1821)
   Sir Charles Gavan Duffy (b. 1816)
   Julia Kavanagh (1824 - 1877)
   Richard Dalton Williams (1822 - 1862
   Frances Power Cobbe (b. 1822)
   John Francis Waller (b. 1810)
   John Tyndall (b. 1820)
   John Crawford Wilson (b. 1825)
   Annie Keary (1825 - 1879)
   William Allingham - in: Irish Graves
   Mayne Reid (b. 1819)
   Eva Mary Kelly
   Ellen Downing
   Charles Joseph Kickham (b. 1830)
   Denis Florence MacCarthy (b. 1817)
   Martin Haverty (b. 1809)
   Charles Graham Halpine (1829 - 1863)
   John Francis O'Donnell (1837 - 1874)
   Isaac Butt (1813 - 1879) - in: Irish Graves
   William Alexander, D.D. (b. 1824)
   Mrs. Alexander
   Francis Davis (b. 1810)
   Dion Boucicault (b. 1822)
   Francis Browne (b. 1816)
   Sir Garnet Joseph Wolseley (b. 1833)
   John Keegan Casey (1846 - 1870)
   William E. H. Lecky (b. 1838)
   Bartholomew Simmons (d. 1850)
   Earl Cairns (b. 1819)
   J. L. Porter (b. 1823)
   Alfred Perceval Graves (b. 1846)
   Thomas N. Burke (b. 1830)
   William Francis Butler (b. 1838)
   Timothy Daniel Sullivan (b. 1827)
   Alexander Martin Sullivan (b. 1830)
   Patrick Weston Joyce (b. 1827)
   Robert Dwyer Joyce (b. 1830)
   William John Fitzpatrick (b. 1830)
   Earl of Dufferin [Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood] (b. 1826)
   John Cashel Hoey (b. 1828
   Mrs. Cashel Hoey (b. 1830)
   William Gorman Willis (b. 1828)
   William Arthur (b. 1819)
   Sir William Thomson (b. 1824)
   John Todhunter (b. 1839)
   Rosa Mulholland 
   J. A. MacGahan (1845 - 1878)
   Miss Casey (E. Owens Blackburne) (b. 1848)
   John Boyle O'Reilly
   John Peytland Mahaffy (b. 1839)
   Richard Dowling (b. 1846)
   Arthur O'Shaughnessy (b. 1846)
   Hon. Lewis Wingfield (b. 1842)
   Miss Laffan
   Edward Dowden (b. 1843)
   Margaret Stokes
   Justin McCarthy (b. 1830)
   Edmund John Armstrong (1841 - 1865)
   George Francis Armstrong (b. 1845)
   Standish O'Grady (b. 1846)
   Mrs. J. H. Riddell
   John T. Gilbert
   Earl of Dunraven [Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin] (b. 1841)
   Charles A. Read (1841 - 1878)
   By Charles A. Read, F.R.H.S. (London, 1880) - OL

Laurence Sterne

* Chief and Tribune - Parnell and Davitt
   By M. M. O'Hara (Dublin, London, 1919) - OL

Cork and County Cork in the Twentieth Century
   including Contemporary Biographies
   By Rev. Richard J. Hodges (Brighton, 1911) - Cork Past and Present - Cork City Council

A Compendium of Irish Biography
   comprising sketches of Distinguished Irishmen...
   By Alfred Webb (Dublin, 1878) - OL

Dictionary of National Biography
London Editions
   - Annesley - Baird - Baker - Beadon - Beal - Biber
   - Bottomley - Browell
   - Conder - Craigie
   - Craik - Damer
   - Owens - Passelewe - Paston - Percy
   - Edward - Erskine
   - Pereire - Pockrich - Pocock - Puckering - Puckle - Reidfurd
   - Scoffin - Sheares - Robinson - Russell - Russen - Scobel
1898 (complete)
   - Smith - Stanger - Stanhope - Stovin - Stow - Taylor - Teach - Tollet
1899 (complete)
   - Tom - Tytler - Ubaldini - Wakefield - Wakeman - Watkins - Watson - Whewell
1900 (Complete)
   - Whichcord - Williams - Williamson - Worden - Wordsworth - Zuylestein
   - Supplement Abbott - Childers - Supplement Chippendale - Hoste
   - Index and Epitome
   - Errata
London 2nd Edition
   - Masquerier - Myles - Myllar - Owen
   - Second Supplement Abbey - Eyre - Second Supplement Faed - Muybridge - Second Supplement Neil - Young
Oxford University Press Editions
   - Abbadie - Young
   - Craik - Drake
New York Editions
1885 (Complete)
   - Abbadie - Anne - Annesley - Baird - Baker - Beadon - Beal - Biber
1886 (complete)
   - Bicheno - Bottisham - Bottomley - Browell - Brown - Burthogge - Burton - Cantwell
1887 (complete)
   - Canute - Chaloner - Chamber - Clarkson - Clater - Condell - Condor - Craigie
1888 (complete)
   - Craik - Damer - Damon - D'Eyncourt - Diamond - Drake - Drant - Edridge
1889 (complete)
   - Edward - Erskine - Esdaile - Finan - Finch - Forman - Forrest - Garner
1890 (complete)
   - Garnett - Gloucester - Glover - Gravet - Gray - Haighton - Hailes - Harriott
1891 (complete)
   - Harris - Henry I - Henry II - Hindley - Hindmarsh - Hovenden - Howard - Inglethorp
1892 (complete)
   - Inglis - John - Johnes - Kenneth - Kennett - Lambart - Lambe - Leigh
1893 (complete)
   - Leighton - Lluelyn - Llwyd - Maccartney - MacCarwell - Maltby - Malthus - Mason
1894 (complete)
   - Masquerier - Millyng - Milman - More - Morehead - Myles - Myllar - Nicholls
1895 (complete)
   - Nichols - O'Dugan - O'Duinn - Owen - Passelewe - Paston - Percy
* Dictionary of National Biography: Pereire - Pockrich (see London edition above)
   - Pocock - Puckering - Puckle - Reidfurd - Reilly - Robins
   - Robinson - Russell - Russen - Scobell
   - Dictionary of National Biography: Scoffin - Sheares (see London edition above)
   - Shearman - Smirke
1898 (complete)
   - Smith - Stanger - Stanhope - Stovin - Stow - Taylor - Teach - Tollet
1899 (complete)
   - Tom - Tytler - Uraldini - Wakefield - Wakeman - Watkins - Watson - Whewell
1900 (Complete)
   - Whichcord - Williams - Williamson - Worden - Wordworth - Zuylestein
   - Supplement Abbott - Childers - Supplement Chippendale - Hoste - Supplement How - Woodward
   - Errata
New York 2nd Edition
   - Beal - Browell - Brown - Chaloner
* Dictionary of National Biography: Owens - Passelewe - Robinson - Sheares - Stow - Tytler
   Edited by Leslie Stephen, Sidney Lee (London, New York, 1885 - 1912) - IA

* Dictionary of Ulster Biography

   online dictionary of people associated with the 9 historic counties of Ulster
   By Kate Newmann; Ulster History Circle - website

* Essays Relating to Ireland

   Biographical, Historical and Topographical
   By C. Litton Falkiner (London, 1909) - OL

* Famous Irishwomen

   By Katherine A. O'Keeffe O'Mahoney (Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1907) - OL

Famous Ulster-Scots
   Ulster-Scots Agency (Tha Boord o Ulster Scotch) (Belfast, 2009) - U-SA

* Four Irish Landscape Painters

   George Barret, R.A., James A. O'Connor, Walter F. Osborne, R.H.A., Nathaniel Hone, R.H.A.
   By Thomas Bodkin (Dublin, London, 1920) - OL - George Barret, Sr. in: Wikipedia - James Arthur O'Connor in: Wikipedia - Walter Osborne 1859 - 1903 in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia - Nathaniel Hone the Younger 1831 - 1917 in: Irish Graves ? - Wikipedia - Thomas Bodkin 1887 - 1961 in: Irish GravesWikipedia

The Great Leaders of an Oppressed but Brave People
   A Memorial Volume to Ireland's Incorruptible son, Patriot and Statesman, Charles Stewart Parnell; including the Life and Public Services of the Great Emancipator Daniel O'Connell
   By Thomas Clarke Luby (New York, 1892) - OL - Thomas Clarke Luby in: Wikipedia

* A Group of Nation-Builders - O'Donovan - O'Curry - Petrie
   John O'Donovan, b. Atateemore, Co. Kilkenny, 1806; Eugene O'Curry, b. Dunaha, County Clare, 1794; George Petrie, b. Dublin 1789; In the battle for intellectual freedom it is true to say the O'Donovan, O'Curry and petrie are national heroes.
   By Rev. Patrick M. MacSweeney (Dublin, 1913) - OL

Hardwicke's Annual Biography for 1856 - 1857
   containing Original and Selected Memoirs of Celebrated Characters who have Died during the year 1855, 1856
   By Edward Walford, M.A. (London, 1856, 1857) - OL

   including Rt. Rev. Drs. Doyle and Milner, Thomas Moore, John Lawless, Thomas Furlong, Richard Lalor Shiel, Thomas Steele, Counsellor Bric, Thomas Addis Emmet, William Corbett, Sir Michael O'Loghlen, etc. etc.
   By Thomas D. McGee (Boston, 1845) - OL

* The History of the Lord Chancellors of Ireland
   From A.D. 1186 to A.D. 1874
   By Oliver J. Burke, A.B.T.C.D. (Dublin, 1879) - OL - Oliver J. Burke in: Wikipedia

* Illustrious Irishwomen - Vol I

Illustrious Irishwomen - Vol II

    being  Memoirs of some of the Most Noted Irishwomen from the Earliest Ages to the Present Century
   By E. Owens Blackburne (London, 1877) - OL - Elizabeth Owens Blackburne Casey in: Irish Graves

* Ireland and her People - Book I - Vol. II - Vol. III - Vol. IV - Vol. V
   A Library of Irish Biography
   By Thos. W. H. Fitzgerald (Chicago, mixed  editions 1906, 1910 - 1911) - IA

   Sketches of the Principal Men at the Time. With Engraved Portraits...
   Robert Emmett, Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Archibald Hamilton Rowan, Theobald Wolfe Tone, Thomas Russell, William James M'Neven, Bartholomew Teeling
   Edited by J. Bowles Daly, LL.D. (London, 1888) - OL

  Containing Biographical Sketches of more than Fifteen Hundred Distinguished
   Irish Celts, with a Chronological Index
   By James O'Brien (Detroit, 1884) - OL

* The Irish Chieftains or, A Struggle for the Crown
   By Charles ffrench Blake-Forster (Dublin, 1872) - GB

* Irish Men of Science
   from 'The Glories of Ireland'
   By Sir Bertram C. A. Windle, Sc.D., M.D., President, University College, Cork (Washington, D.C., 1914) - IA

The Irish Nation - Its History and Its Biography - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI - Vol VII - Vol VIII
   Portraits, Plates of Genealogies, etc.
   By James Wills, D.D., and Freeman Wills, M.A. (London, Edinburgh, New York, 1860 - 1875) - OL

* Irish Poets and Novelists
   with biographical sketches
   By Rev. D. O. Crowley (San Francisco, 1892) - OL

* Irish Wits and Worthies

   including Dr. Lanigan, his life and times, with glimpses of stirring scenes since 1770
   By W. J. Fitz-Patrick, LL.D., J.P. (Dublin 1878) - IA

The Leaders of Public Opinion in Ireland
   Swift, Flood, Grattan, O'Connell
   By William Edward Hartpole Lecky, M.A. (New York, 1876) - IA

   By James Wills, A.M.T.C.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1840 - 1847) - IA

Lives of Irishmen's Sons and their Descendants
   McMahon, Duke of Magenta, President of France
   Andrew Jackson, Seventh President of the United States
   Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman
   Lieutenant-General Philip H. Sheridan
   Fieldmarshall Leopold O'Donnell, Count of Lucena and Duke of Tetuan
   By Colonel James E. McGee (New York, 1874) - IA

   from the Earliest Times to the Reign of Queen Victoria
   By J. Roderick O'Flanagan, M.R.I.A. (London, 1870) - OL

The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV
   To the Time of Dean Swift
   By Mr. [Theophilus] Cibber, and other Hands (London, 1753) - OL

The Lives and Trials of Archibald Hamilton Rowan, The Rev William Jackson, The Defenders, William Orr, Peter Finnerty

   and other Eminent Irishmen
   by Thomas Mac Nevin, Esq., Barister at Law (Dublin, 1846) - IA

* Memorable Dublin Houses
   Index of Residents (reproduced below); short biographies of same; illustrated
   By Wilmot Harrison (Dublin, 1909) - OL

The Men at the Helm - Biographical Sketches of Great English Statesmen
   including The Marquis of Londonderry; the Right Hon. George Canning; Sir Robert Peel
   By W. H. Davenport Adams (London, Edinburgh, 1862) - OL

   in every Nation, Particularly the British and Irish. New Edition greatly enlarged and improved.
   Printed in London (1798) - OL

   Contents reproduced below
   By C. J. Hamilton (Dublin, 1904) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI

   Irish Poets and Dramatists of Today and Yesterday
   By Michael Monahan (New York, 1914) - OL

* Our Exemplars, Poor and Rich
   Biographical Sketches of Men and Women who have... benefited their fellow-creatures
   - Bridget Burke (née Mears), b. Athlone, founder of an Institution for the poor of Dublin
   - Father Mathew, Apostle of Temperance
   - Very Rev. Dr. John Spratt, b. Dublin, 1798, successor of Fr. Mathew
   - Catherine Wilkinson of Liverpool, b. Ireland, abt. 1786, pioneering health campaigner (see also Who do You Think You Are Magazine No. 76, August 2013)
   Preface by Lord Brougham; Ed. by Matthew Davenport Hill (London, 1861) - OL

* Personal Reminiscences by O'Keeffe, Kelly and Taylor

   John O'Keeffe b. Dublin 1747
   Edited by Richard Henry Stoddard (New York, 1875) - OL

   By D. J. O'Donoghue (Dublin, London, 1912) - OL

* A Round Table of the Representative Irish and English Catholic Novelists
   Louisa Emily Dobree, native of Tours, France, of Irish descent on her mother's side
   Mrs. Frances Blundell, ('M. E. Francis') dau. of Michael James Sweetman of Lamberton Park, Queen's County
   R. B. Sheridan Knowles, who was related to Richard Brinsley Sheridan
   Clara and Rosa Mulholland, daughters of Joseph Stevenson Mulholland, M.D., of Belfast; Rosa m. the author and historian Sir John T. Gilbert
   Katherine Tynan, b. Dublin; m. Mr. H. A. Hinkson
   Printed by Benziger Brothers (Chicago, 1897) - OL

* The Scottish Nation Vol I ABE -CUR - Vol II DAL - MAC - Vol III MAC - ZET

   or the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours and Biographical History of the People of Scotland - many with Irish connections
   By William Anderson (Edinburgh, London, 1877) - OL

* Sketches of Celebrated Irishmen, Irish Character, etc.

   By Henry Giles (New York, 1896) - OL

* Some Celebrated Irish Beauties of the Last Century

   with numerous portraits and illustrations
* Some Fair Hibernians
   being a supplementary volume to the above
   By Frances Gerard (London, 1895, 1897) - OL

The Sons of the Emerald Isle
   or Lives of One Thousand Remarkable Irishmen
   Robert Fulton, 'the Washington of Mechanics', b. Little Britain, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1765 to Irish emigrants
   Sir Richard Steele, 'Father of the Periodical Essay', b. Dublin 1676
   Major General Richard Montgomery, b. north of Ireland 1737, Commander-in-Chief of continental forces in Canada
   Robert Emmet, patriot
   Judge Louis Perrin, King's Bench, Ireland
   Rev. Adam Clarke, LL.D. eminent author and preacher, b. Moybeg, County Londonderry abt. 1760
   Right Rev. James Doyle, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin
   Commodore John Barry, b. Wexford 'father of the American navy'
   Judge Philip Cecil Crampton, justice of the Court of Queen's Bench, Ireland
   Rev. Theobald Mathew, abolitionist of slavery, apostle of sobriety and temperance
   Richard Brinsley Sheridan, genius, enlightened statesman, orator
   John and Henry Sheares, martyrs for the cause of country and humanity, publicly executed 1798
   Major General James Clinton, b. 1736, both parents from Longford
   Edmund Burke, b. 1730
   Charles O'Conor, The Irish Antiquary, b. Balanagare, Co. Roscommon, 1710
   Dr. Charles O'Conor, Catholic priest, chaplain to Lady Buckingham, librarian of the Duke's magnificent and costly collection at Stowe
   Dean Swift, b. Cashel, Co. Tipperary, 1667
   Oliver Goldsmith, the Burns of Ireland, b. at Pallas (or Elphin) in Longford
   Chief Justice Matthew Thornton, signer of the Declaration of American Independence
   Colonel James Smithsigner of the Declaration of American Independence
   George Taylor, of Pennsylvania, one of the fathers of the great republic, b. Ireland, 1716
   By William L. Mackenzie (New York, 1844) - IA

   mainly of the eighteenth century
   By C. Litton Falkiner (London, New York, Bombay, 1902) - OL

* Worthies of Thomond

   dozens of biographical profiles of notable Limerick and Clare people
   By Robert Herbert  (Ireland, 1940's) - LCC
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HT = HathiTrust Digital Library (read online only, login to visitor account may be required)
U-SA = Ulster-Scots Agency

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